EWP Mounted

Truck / Trailer Mounted EWP

Looking for local EWP services in Melbourne that prioritise safety above all else but also understand the need for convenience as well? Want an elevated working platform that delivers the safety you need without the laborious assembly and set up required of a standalone structure? Check out the trailer and truck mounted EWP options available from Quick Access Rental and Training in Melbourne. If you’re looking for a trailer mounted EWP for sale or hire for an upcoming land development project, our options can provide you with both the safety and convenience that you’re looking for.

Benefits of Using a Truck Mounted EWP

The benefits of buying or hiring a truck or trailer mounted EWP are numerous. They provide better site accessibility as they’re a single unit, so the hassle of setting up the EWP is essentially negated. There are also fewer overall costs, as there is no need to lay the foundation that a traditional structure would require. Finally, you need less required space and less prep time to get the most from your truck mounted EWP.

Every EWP truck for sale or hire is serviced to meet Australian standards, so you can rest assured that safety is of a critical concern. For more information on our EWP services, give Quick Access Rental and Training a call on (03) 9314 4466 or contact us online.