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EWP Training in Melbourne

When it comes to boom lifts or scissor lifts, it’s imperative that people undergo the required training to ensure they can operate the machinery with a required level of competency. Most people will need to undergo Elevated Work Platform (EWP) training and accreditation before they’re tasked with operating a boom or scissor lift. If you’re looking for comprehensive EWP training in Melbourne, Sydney or Somersby NSW that will get your staff to the required operational standard sooner rather than later, speak to the qualified and accredited trainers at Quick Access Rental & Training.

Accredited Training to Help You Get Your Scissor Lift Licence − And More

Quick Access Rental & Training provides qualified EWP training courses that are run by training facilitators with the necessary experience to help you and your staff achieve individual outcomes sooner rather than later. Our EWP training solutions cover a range of training and licensing options, including:

  • Boom lift training
  • Scissor lift licence training
  • Telehandler training

We understand that you’re busy and that you value convenience, which is why Quick Access Rental & Training offers the flexibility of delivering our EWP Melbourne and Somersby NSW training services either at our facilities in Brooklyn or on-site at a location convenient to you. Whether you need boom lift training in Melbourne or scissor lift training in Melbourne, we look forward to helping further the careers of you and your employees with detailed and user-friendly EWP training.

Why EWP Training is Essential

The goal of Quick Access Rental & Training’s EWP training courses is to help employers ensure their employees are completely qualified to operate industrial lifting equipment so they can safely yet efficiently carry out their work. Every EWP course our Melbourne and Somersby NSW based facilitators run includes theory, discussion and practical components. At the end of every course we run, every operator who has participated will be required to demonstrate they’re capable of safely lifting a standard load and complete an exam based on the course content covered.

Desired Outcomes of our EWP Training Courses:

  • Highly capable and confident employees who have vast knowledge when it comes to industrial crane safety, procedures and maintenance
  • Improved employee welfare and productivity, and therefore less likelihood of injuries and downtime
  • Employees will be able to effectively recognise possible issues with equipment prior to it breaking down

Choose the Right EWP Course in Melbourne Today

If you’re looking to get your scissor licence or boom lift licence, or you’re interested in one of our many other EWP training solutions, there’s no better time than now to arrange EWP training in Melbourne, Sydney or Somersby NSW. For more information on how our EWP training courses can help you, please call us on (03) 9314 4466 or contact us online.

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