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Safety is paramount when it comes to elevated work platforms. If equipment isn’t well maintained and something goes wrong – particularly if a boom lift or scissor lift is in use – the consequences can be catastrophic. It’s therefore crucial to make sure you put your boom lift or other equipment through a scheduled EWP 10 year major inspection to prevent accidents.

If you’re looking for a local boom lift service and scissor lift repair specialist in Melbourne or Somersby NSW, get in touch with the professionals at Quick Access Rental & Training. Our experienced and licensed scissor lift and boom lift repair team will ensure your machinery is in prime working condition.

Organise Excavator Repair & More with Us

Our team of experienced, qualified technicians can provide professional support as well as regular maintenance of all our hire equipment, meaning we can assist with everything from scissor lift repair through to excavator repair. We also offer maintenance programs and servicing of your own company equipment. Every EWP 10 year major inspection is conducted and compliant with Australian Standard 2550.10-2006 so you can be completely confident in the performance of your equipment.

Also Available for Unplanned Repairs

In addition to your scheduled EWP 10 year major inspection, we provide scissor lift and boom lift repair for those unforeseen moments where things go wrong. We can also provide you with equipment hire so your work doesn’t have to completely stop. We have a new fleet of equipment that’s regularly serviced, allowing you to be confident that all machinery is reliable and will give you a great return on investment.

Why Excavator Repair is Essential

Excavator and lift breakdowns will not only cause businesses to experience downtime that will impact productivity, but also compromise the occupational health and safety of their employees. This is why it’s imperative that any maintenance and repair work that lifting machines undergo is conducted by a qualified technician who can quickly pinpoint and fix the issue.

Quick Access Rental & Training’s team of maintenance technicians have many years of experience and all the relevant qualifications needed to provide any type of excavator, scissor lift or boom lift service. Every service we conduct will take the specific requirements of your machine into consideration and ensure it complies with both OH&S and Australian industrial standards. We will discover any potential issues with your machines and resolve them before they get worse, stopping them from potentially jeopardising the safety of your employees.

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