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No Dig Vacuum Excavator VM500
No Dig Vacuum Excavator VM500

Code: VM500

No Dig Equipment for Sale

Trenching work can take a considerable amount of time to complete, and complications can arise if utilities get damaged in the process. This often happens when their exact locations aren’t marked properly on a map.

Vacuum excavation is one of the most highly recommended practices for safely searching for and locating utilities that are buried underground. This is done to save time and minimise the likelihood of any utilities being accidentally damaged. No dig vacuum excavators are perfect for locating such underground utilities, especially if there is limited access and space at the worksite.

Quick Access is a leading provider of no dig equipment for sale in both Melbourne and Somersby NSW, providing a great solution for companies that need to carry out safe dig vacuum excavations without damaging utilities. We sell this type of equipment to plumbers, contractors, municipal workers and other types of customers who need to safely find and identify underground utilities located under their worksite.

As a trusted supplier of no dig vacuum excavators in Victoria and NSW, we offer equipment of the highest quality and are adamant about fulfilling all of our customers’ needs. With over 15 years of experience in our industry, we can help you find the equipment you need and even design and manufacture custom no dig vacuum excavators that make it faster and simpler for our customers to carry out safe dig vacuum excavations.

Repair Services

If your equipment breaks down or stops working properly, get in touch with Quick Access for timely repairs. Our technicians have vast experience when it comes to servicing and repairing all kinds of no dig vacuum excavators. Our customers can rely on us to fix any type of issue their equipment has with minimal disruption to their project.

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Make Quick Access Rental & Training your one-stop shop when you’re looking for premium no dig equipment for sale. Feel free to call us on (03) 9314 4466 or fill out our online enquiry form for more information on our available vacuum excavation products.

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