Mini Crawler Cranes


MC-305C-2 Spider Crane
MC-305C-2 Spider Crane

Code: MC-305C-2

Spider Crane MC285C-3
Spider Crane MC285C-3

Code: MC285C-3

Hire a Spider Crane in Melbourne or New South Wales

Do you need a compact crane that’s suitable for confined spaces and difficult-to-access areas? A mini crawler crane, also known as a spider crane, is an excellent choice. At Quick Access Rental & Training, we offer mini crawler crane hire in Melbourne and New South Wales for small domestic and commercial construction projects where a standard crane would be too large. We have multiple spider crane options for you to choose from depending on the application and the environment in which they’ll be used.

Enjoy Easy Lifting & Moving with the Right Crawler Crane

Our spider cranes are designed and manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Their lightweight construction and 360-degree continuous slewing with near zero tail swing makes it easier than ever to carry out lifting work in areas with restricted access.
In addition, their large pick and carry capacities enable easy lifting and moving of loads over distances, improving job efficiency. Whether you need MC305C-2 or MC285C-3 spider crane hire in Melbourne or New South Wales, we can provide the right crawler crane for easy lifting and moving on construction and civil engineering work sites.

Common Crawler Crane Applications

Crawler cranes are used for a wide range of applications due to their mobility, stability and lifting capacity, enabling them to navigate various terrains and access confined spaces. Here are some key crawler crane applications:

  • Construction sites – Ideal for lifting and placing heavy materials during building construction. Provides stability on uneven ground and can access tight spaces.
  • Infrastructure projects – Used for tasks like bridge construction, where precise lifting in confined areas is crucial. Suitable for lifting and placing heavy components in infrastructure development.
  • Maintenance & repairs – Valuable for maintenance work on tall structures, such as towers and industrial facilities. A crawler crane provides easier access to challenging locations for repairs and inspections.
  • Shipbuilding – Used in shipyards for assembling and placing ship components.
  • Emergency response – Deployed in emergency situations for tasks like lifting debris or accessing difficult areas during rescue operations.
  • Film & entertainment industry – Used for setting up equipment and lifting heavy props in film and television production.

Spider Crane Features & Functions

Our mini crawler cranes offer powerful and stable lifting capabilities in areas where head height and lateral movement is limited. They boast impressive lifting capacities for their size, making them a popular choice for underground construction work. Our spider crane options are packed with loads of additional features and functions, some of which include:

  • A tipping prevention system that automatically stops the crane when loads reach 100% capacity
  • A crane tilt alarm that activates when travelling in excess of 15-degrees inclination
  • A spacious and air-conditioned cabin that helps to keep operators comfortable
  • A large window that provides excellent visibility, preventing errors and accidents
  • A rear-view camera, allowing operators to see behind the machine for greater safety

Where Our Spider Crane Hire Service is Available

Anyone looking for a company that offers first-rate mini crawler crane hire in New South Wales or mini crane hire in Melbourne should get in touch with Quick Access. We have a huge network of spider crane hire centres located in the most populated areas on Australia’s east coast. You can rely on us when you need mini crawler cranes that are well maintained and will get the job done. Our mini crane hire also allows you to use our machines for as long as you need.

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You can’t go wrong choosing Quick Access Rental & Training for mini crawler crane hire in Melbourne and New South Wales. Get in touch with us today by calling (03) 9314 4466 to learn more about our available spider crane options. We’ll do our best to answer your questions and provide the assistance that you need.

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