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The ideal piece of equipment for lifting small pallets and other bulky or irregularly shaped items in the warehouse, the duct lifter (also known as a duct lift) makes light work of some of the heavier lifting tasks you might be required to complete. Commonly used for lifting air conditioning equipment into place and stacking items safely onto warehouse shelving, duct lifters help to reduce incidents of workplace injury, making work practices safer for all. If you’re looking for a superior quality duct lifter for sale or hire, check out the range available at Quick Access Rental & Training.

Find the Best Duct Lifter Rental

Quick Access Rental & Training is your one-stop destination for quality duct lifter hire in Melbourne and New South Wales, with options that are designed and manufactured to comply with strict Australian and NZ workplace safety standards. The Genie SLC 18 duct lift is among the most popular for duct lift rental, with a working height ranging between 5 and 6 metres and a maximum load bearing capacity of 295kg. No matter what the conditions, you can trust that Quick Access has you covered with the Genie SLC 18 duct lift and other great options in our Genie duct lifter range.

Where Our Duct Lifter Hire Service is Available

Quick Access has multiple duct lift rental centres situated on the east coast, meaning you can come to us if you’re looking for a company that offers duct lifter hire in Melbourne or New South Wales. We service all of our duct lifters as soon as we get them back from our other customers, ensuring that the next customers we hire them to will get a duct lift that works at full capacity.

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Call us on (03) 9314 4466 or contact us online if you’d like more information on the Genie lift SLC 18 or any other Genie duct lift for sale or hire. We can answer any questions you might have and will be able to recommend the right model for your particular requirements.

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