Genie Scissor Lift Hire & Sales

Quick Access Rental & Training is dedicated to providing our customers with mobile, versatile and useful machinery products for sale or hire. As part of our range, we can provide you with Genie scissor lift hire for temporary use, or alternatively you can choose a Genie scissor lift for sale if purchasing equipment outright is preferable.

Scissor lifts are an easy way to elevate workers to high areas and are used widely in manufacturing, construction and industrial worksites. At Quick Access, we have a variety of Genie scissor lift options for you to rent or purchase, making us a leading choice when you need a Genie scissor lift in Australia.

The Benefits of a Genie Scissor Lift

Our Genie scissor lift options are popular because their large platform surfaces allow more workers to stand on the elevated level. The main difference between Genie scissor lift hire and boom lift hire is that scissors offer lower lift heights and are commonly used for smaller projects. This makes them a more affordable choice than other options while still being very useful for a range of different industries and jobs.

Learn More Today

Quick Access Rental & Training is the best destination for a variety of industries that need a Genie scissor lift in Australia. Our catalogue of equipment is extensive, plus we have a team that can assist and advise you on the best option for your needs. Whether you’re interested in buying a Genie scissor lift for sale or you want to enquire about Genie scissor lift hire, give us a call on 1800 627 748 or email us today.