EWP 10 Year Inspection

Do you own an Elevated Working Platform (EWP) that gets regularly used in the workplace? Did you know that you should have it inspected every 10 years to ensure that it remains safe for use? Quick Access Rental & Training provides essential EWP 10 year inspection services, carried out by highly experienced technicians who will examine your platform and assess it according to strict Australian workplace standards. Arrange for your EWP to be assessed by Quick Access and ensure that it remains safe for use according to EWP inspection requirements.

EWP Inspection Requirements

For your major inspection, Quick Access Rental & Training will conduct the check according to a stringent EWP inspection checklist that covers all serious components as identified by the manufacturer or a qualified and accredited competent person.

Your EWP will be required to undergo a major inspection if:

  • The scheduled five-yearly enhanced periodic inspection regime has not been performed and the EWP has been in use for 10 or more years.
  • It has been re-commissioned or imported, or is without prior regular working and maintenance records as per Australian standard AS2550.10-2006 clause 6.6.
  • It is due for a scheduled EWP 10 year inspection and has had five years of continuous use.

A qualified and experienced Quick Access technician will complete the inspection using our comprehensive EWP inspection checklist to ensure your platform adheres to Australian standards. For more information on EWP inspection requirements or any of our services, call us on (03) 9314 4466 or contact us online.