Diesel/Rough Terrain Scissor

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Athena 850

Working Height (maximum) 7.9m
Platform Height (max) 5.9m
Automatic Levelling 2 axis
Longitude levelling +/- 16 degrees front
Longitude Levelling +/- 20 degrees rear
Lateral Levelling +/- 15 degrees
Gradeability 25 degrees
Side Slope 21 degrees
Operating Weight 2,190kg


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Snorkel – S2255RT

Working Height (maximum) 8.5m
Platform Height (max) 6.5m
Platform Length – outside 3.3m
Platform Length – extended 3.93m
Platform Width – outside 1.4m
Height – stowed 2.35m
Height – rails lowered 1.83m
Length – stowed with outriggers 3.3m
Width 1.45m
Weight with outriggers




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Genie – GS2669DC

Working Height (maximum) 9.70m
Platform Height (max) 7.70m
Platform Length – outside 2.79m
Platform Length – extended 4.32m
Platform Width – outside 1.60m
Height – stowed: folding guardrails 2.59m
Height – stowed:  rails folded 1.92m
Length – stowed 3.76m
Length – stowed extended 4.81m
Width 1.75m
Operating Weight 4,002kg


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Snorkel – S2770RT

Working Height (maximum) 10.3m
Platform Height (max) 8.28m
Platform size (stowed) 2.74m x 1.65m
Platform size (extended) 4.0m x 1.65m
Deck extension 1.2m
Overall Width 1.77m
Overall Length 3.36m
Stowed height 2.56m
Platform capacity 580kg
Operating Weight 2,800kg


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Genie – GS3268RT

Working Height (maximum) 11.75m
Platform Height (max) 9.75m
Platform height – stowed 1.31m
Platform Length – outside 2.51m
Platform Length – extended 3.96m
Platform Width – outside 1.55m
Height – stowed 2.45m
Height – rails lowered 1.83m
Length – stowed with outriggers 3.38m
Width 1.73m
Length – stowed extended 2.74m
Width 0.81
Weight with outriggers 4,153kg


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Rough Terrain Scissor Lift Rental

Quick Access Rental and Training is the best destination for machinery that helps you reach elevated heights. Our comprehensive range, helpful team and handy equipment hire can help you get the job done without having to buy expensive equipment you won’t use again.

As part of our range, we’re proud to offer rough terrain scissor lift rental. A popular choice for a variety of industries, we can provide hire of this equipment for a range of industries that require lifting equipment with a bigger platform surface. This allows multiple workers to stand on the lift, helping you complete tasks quickly and safely.

Our rough terrain scissor lift rental options include scissor lifts for rougher, uneven surfaces in both indoor and outdoor settings. Rough terrain scissor lifts are ideal for difficult jobs where usual scissor lifts and boom lifts are unable to be used.

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At Quick Access Rental and Training, we’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for within our range, with a team of professionals to help guide you to the best possible option. We also offer accredited training to ensure that your workers are correctly and safely using our machinery. For more information on our rough terrain scissor lift rental, call us on (03) 9314 4466.