The SX 180 is one of the highest reaching self-propelled boom lifts in the world! And is Available for hire in Melbourne NOW.

SX180 NEW and available for hire with a massive working height of 56.86 meters.

The SX-180 boom lift is the highest reaching self-propelled boom lift in the Genie Super Boom™ lineup, capable of reaching an astonishing 180 feet (54.86 m!). The SX-180 is built not only to be our tallest boom lift, but to safely and quickly lift operators.

Developing a completely new product to meet a record breaking height requirement is a demanding assignment. Delivering world class performance within the constraints of stability, transport and ease of setup is the testing mission… the Genie SX-180 is the definitive solution available for hire in melbourne from QuickAccess.



Specification Sheet (Click for more details)